FSB’s take on a classic German style beer brewed in honor of the 1600 Group, the community-minded neighbors who united to buy the building that would become Fifth Street Brewpub. They helped make all this possible. It is widely accepted among beer aficionados that the Kölsch was Germany’s answer to the English pale ale. The subtle effervescent fruitiness and mild hop bitterness hovers happily on the palette, and pairs perfectly with fish and light dinners, but just like an IPA or Pilsner, it holds up well with grilled meats and sandwiches. The crisp clean finish makes 1600 Kölsch a naturally great session beer. 1600 Kölsch is incredibly flavorful, and at 5.0% ABV, it’s almost impossible to drink just one.
German-Style Kölsch / Köln-Style Kölsch
Fifth Street Brewpub
Dayton, Ohio